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Inside Aesthetic Mastery:

Crafting Innovative Designs


Human-Centric Creation

A human-centric design approach that emphasizes empathy, ideation, humanity, and prototyping to achieve various innovative products and services.


Ingenta inDesign Lab is dedicated to its mission of crafting human-centric design solutions that facilitate the seamless utilization of technology, thereby enhancing the delight and satisfaction of end users. Our professional inDesign Lab team has been honored with prestigious awards worldwide, underscoring our commitment to excellence and enhancing our client partnerships. We deliver design services tailored to your specific needs, further to elevate your products, services, and brand to new heights of success.


In order to make a substantial impact on the world, businesses must wholeheartedly embrace human-centric approach and lead through constant changes. Our aim is to drive innovation, facilitate growth, and foster a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that our clients' businesses remain at the forefront of progress and are well-equipped to create a lasting positive impact on the world.

Extend Your Influence

We offer comprehensive brand identity services, including logo design, auxiliary graphic design, visual identity (VI) design, brand identity guidelines, wayfinding design, and brand identity consulting, to help you create a successful and distinctive brand image and corporate identity system (CIS).

Reinvent Your Brand

We provide User Interface Design (UI), User Experience Analysis and Design (UX), Corporate Website Design, and sophisticated evaluation of existing website interfaces. We also assist in facilitating communication between design and engineering teams.

Transform Users Experiences

Transform your client service experience and boost your revenue to the next level through personalized AI-marketing. Whether it's attracting and retaining customers, refining your marketing strategy, or generating timely business insights, our AI-marketing solution provide one-step service tailored to your needs, amplifying your influence on your clients.

Design Beyond Boundaries
Breaking the Mold