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Design Concept


Boy Chiang | Product Design Manager

These are exhibition posters for Ingenta's education product series. Through simple illustrations that provide each feature with a clear visual representation, we enable viewers to quickly grasp the content of the educational services while also capturing their attention. This is achieved through a balanced ratio of text and imagery, with each element occupying 50% of the space.

Narrative Display: Each feature of the educational services is portrayed with simple illustrations, allowing the audience to easily follow the storyline and gain a deeper understanding of the core value and applications of the services.
Visual Consistency: Ensuring a consistent illustration style throughout the poster to create a unified visual experience, making the overall design more professional and appealing.
Emphasis on Key Points: Using colors or images to highlight the key features of each function to help the audience quickly identify and understand their importance.
Neat Layout: Ensuring sufficient spacing between text and illustrations to make the information more readable while avoiding visual clutter.


Combine Inc. | JAPAN

EdTech Exhibitions Design

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