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Digital Transformation Reshapes Modern Classroom

Ingenta GradeMe solution is a fully automated AI solution to help relieve teachers from the enormous labor-intensive grading process and make more time for students.

Questions Graded



Grading Accuracy




Compared to Human

Grading Speed


X  Faster

Question Types


+ and more

GradeMe Services


Elementary School

Middle School

Grade Management System powered by GradeMe AI Engine

Provide grade management system with Auto-grading features; it is a by-usage basis service. Flexible to your needs.

API Services

SaaS Products

Single / Multiple Choice Questions

Number, Alphabet, Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji Number and Yes/No

English / Japanese Handwritten Papers

Coming soon

Mathematical Expression

Supporting Formats: Number, Floating, Fraction, Sqrt, Colon, Alphabet, Equation, Parentheses, Exponential and the mix of above

➊ Scenario

It’s a time-consuming yet labor-intensive task for teachers to grade hand-written test papers

  • Teachers want to save their overtime works with assistance in test AI auto-grading.

➌ 24/7 AI Grading Service

No more overtime work on test grading with GradeMe 24/7 AI grading service. Moreover, all test results are digitalized and ready for quick query.

➋ Easy to Use

STEP ①:Simply scan the test papers and upload them to GradeMe service

STEP ②:With one click, all papers will be automatically graded

How it works?

You Test, I Grade

300,000 questions graded: 120hrs → 2.2hrs

50x Faster than before

Questions Graded

100M+ /yr

Grading Accuracy


It’s time-consuming to manually grade hand-written exams. Before, it usually required more than one teacher to check a paper repeatedly to make sure of the accuracy.

Our GradeMe service helps teachers grade papers with full-scale automation. It doesn’t only dramatically reduce teachers' labor hours but also improves the grading efficiency. Most importantly, it saves teachers’ time to complete these routine tasks and now the teachers have more quality time to focus more on their students.

  • Client:Leading Grading Service Provider A

  • End Users:Elementary Schools, Middle School, Cram Schools

  • Application:Nationwide Hand-Written Test Grading

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