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Bridging Idea to Digital Commercialization


From AI service design to full-scale commercialization

DX2.0 refers not only Digital Transformation but also the new AI business model to adapt to the new digital era. Ingenta DX2.0 helps companies to realize Digital Transformation with AI technology, and boost business potential in a competitive marketplace. Our services range from AI product / service design, AI strategy consultancy, AI talent incubation, Ingenta AI platform implementation, and full-scalable product / service support and upgrades.

DX2.0 AI Service

User-oriented AI design

With our award winning (iF Design 2022) designers and team of world-class AI scientists, Ingenta is able to provide highly user-orientated AI services for your businesses and boost your revenues to the next level.

Proven robust technology

Most AI solutions are not yet ready to achieve commercialization standards. With in-depth technology advancements and proven performance results from our clients, Ingenta had successfully helped companies to create blockbuster products and services in multiple industries.

Flexible on-demand business model

Ingenta's business model is flexible, so we can best deliver value based on the nature of our clients' existing business models. We also help clients to achieve time-to-market advances using various creative methodologies.

Why Ingenta?

Professional, Reliable and Flexible

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Are You Ready for Disruptive Innovation?

One-Stop DX2.0 AI Service

AI Consulting Service

  • Help establish strategic AI roadmap

  • Create detailed project planning for AI implementation

  • Conduct AI talent incubation with on-project training basis

AWS Cloud Consulting Service

  • Establish AI-ready Amazon Web Service (AWS) environment

  • Help clients smoothly migrate their system to the cloud

UI/UX AI Service Design

  • UI/UX design for AI products

  • Design AI-powered services

  • Product coverage: SaaS, IoT solutions, and hardware design

AI Engine Customization / Implementation

  • SaaS Product: Provide a complete customized SaaS solution with Ingenta AI embedded.

  • API service: Provide simple-to-use API to connect to clients' existing products / services.

Continuous Service

  • Scalability maintenance

  • Advanced AI upgrade

  • Continuous AI development roadmap

AI is Transforming Industries