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Entrance Examination Result Prediction


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* (AI predicted average acceptance rate) compares with

     (Overall actual average acceptance rate)

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Entrance Examination Result Prediction

80%95% Accuracy

Applicable for Nationwide Mock Exams

500+ Schools

Based on Entrance Examination Results

1M+ Student Records

In Japan, students take examinations each year for school admissions. Students who fail may spend an additional year and more studying to retake the examination. Since each school holds its own examination, millions of students need advice for proper decision making.

Our client offers test-prep services to help students perform better in the entrance exam. It's urged that modern data analysis technology needs to be implemented in their services to handle the massive student data and realize personalized consulting services for students.

ExamMaster offers a simple and fast way to help students. The AI-powered predictive analysis helps teachers customize the improvement plan of each student and provide students clear instructions on how to achieve their goals.

  • Client:Leading Educational Institution A

  • End Users:High School Student (Nationwide)

  • Application:College Entrance Examination

Case Study

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Other Education DX Services

Ingenta AI in Education

➊ Scenario

Students are eager to pass the entrance exams of their target schools. There are too many students and each student's situation is different. How can we effectively help teachers advise their students?

➌ Your Personal AI Counselor

With the help of ExamMaster, teachers can know better about students’ strengths and weaknesses and improve their performance to get admission into their ideal schools.

➋ AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

Simply upload students’ test grades to ExamMaster. Teachers can immediately get AI insights for each student on:

  • Student’s performance assessment

  • Admission probability for Entrance Examination

  • AI-Recommended target school list

  • Learning improvement plan generated by AI

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