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Digital Transformation (DX) in Learning

A new AI-powered personalized learning experience that enhances your performance and enriches your life.

➊ Scenario

Nowadays, students tend to spend more time studying online…

  • No teachers around to guide or ask questions.

  • Inefficient learning - students always repeat simple questions

➌ Performance Improvement

With the help of LearnBest, students can effectively acquire knowledge and dramatically improve their academic performance.

➋ Personalized Learning Assistant

Empowered by LearnBest, learning systems (LMS) can offer students an efficient learning path based on their learning history & status:

  • Learning paths & contents recommendation

  • 24/7 learning status monitoring

  • AI-generated practice quiz

How It Works?

Your Reliable AI Tutor

LearnBest Services


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Learn Analytics Dashboard Systems for LMS powered by LearnBest AI Engine

On-demand adaptive learning services:

  • Learning Analytics Dashboard for LMS

  • Learning content recommendation including learning materials and quiz questions

API Services

SaaS Products

Proficiency Analysis

Sophisticated AI analysis to objectively understand each student’s proficiency on each learning unit.

Exam Setting Recommendation

Recommend questions for an exam in a certain range of study units.

Quiz Question Recommendation

An AI engine that recommend quiz questions to each student based on his/her real time learning status.

Based on Ingenta PoC simulation results

27% Learning Time Reduction

Higher proficiency prediction accuracy

10% Accuracy Improvement

Assist students in online learning

24/7 Personal AI Tutor

Nowadays, students acquire knowledge in the classroom as well as online learning systems. It is important to have an efficient learning management system (LMS) to assist students with studying when teachers are not around.

By analyzing the learning records of daily exercises and quizzes with Ingenta AI, LearnBest enables our client’s LMS to offer students qualitative and objective instructions, including estimating the students’ learning status and suggesting efficient learning paths. Eventually, the overall student grades are improved with a better learning experience than before.

  • Client:Leading Educational Institution B

  • End Users:Middle School Students (Nationwide)

  • Application:Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Case Study

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Exam Analysis DX product including predictive performance analytics, weakness analysis, and strategic goal recommendations for students and teachers to improve school admission probability.

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