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Bridging Idea to Digital Commercialization


Digital Transformation (DX) in Learning

A new AI-powered personalized learning experience that enhances your performance and enriches your life.

➊ Scenario

Nowadays, students tend to spend more time studying online…

  • No teachers around to guide or ask questions.

  • Inefficient learning - students always repeat simple questions

➌ Performance Improvement

With the help of LearnBest, students can effectively acquire knowledge and dramatically improve their academic performance.

➋ Personalized Learning Assistant

Empowered by LearnBest, learning systems (LMS) can offer students an efficient learning path based on their learning history & status:

  • Learning paths & contents recommendation

  • 24/7 learning status monitoring

  • AI-generated practice quiz

How It Works?

Your Reliable AI Tutor

LearnBest Services


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Learn Analytics Dashboard Systems for LMS powered by LearnBest AI Engine

On-demand adaptive learning services:

  • Learning Analytics Dashboard for LMS

  • Learning content recommendation including learning materials and quiz questions