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Big Data Binary Number
‘0’ and ‘1’

Graph Ai Discrete Objects

Given context by all the data. Everything is connected in certain ways, tangically or intantically.

Brand Positioning
We use design thinking to realize innovation into application.
Powering a new generation of intelligent products, make mainstream services smart and robust.
Ingenta is powering the future of industries with Built-in AI.
Uncovering insightful data with cutting edge AI.

「in」 representing ideas such as

Design Concept


Boy Chiang | Product Design Manager

Ingenta is a leading AI company dedicated to helping companies envision future opportunities through an innovative AI paradigm based on connectivities between data. To depict this context-driven vision, our visual identity is based on discrete geometry with a negative space design for the logo consisting of the binary symbols '0' and '1', indicating the endless possibilities of connections and combinations of digital data to illustrate the real world. Inspired by the oriental philosophy of dualism, the binary symbols further imply intangibility and tangibility which are interrelated and mutually influential, conveying the idea that our technology evolves with humanity, the core value of Ingenta.

We deconstruct the name, "Ingenta", to derive the essence of this deep tech company, which is to make AI more intelligent and applicable to real-world problems, where data are interrelated and can be depicted as a graph or a complex network, the core of Ingenta's proprietary AI technology. In the logo design, each letter is considered as a node of the neural network, which is structured as a discrete geometric graph.

The “in-mark” logo consists of a negative space design along with an explicit connection between ‘i’ & ‘n’, depicting the binary representation of data, ‘0’ &‘1’, and “insightful” data.
The "in-mark" is a fusion of ‘0’ and ’1’ with the word "in" representing ideas such as "intelligent", "innovative" and "built-in." As an important ingredient for future applications, it illustrates our empowerment of our partners' products through the integration with our innovative AI engine.


Ingenta Inc. | JAPAN

Ingenta Brand

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