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Qualification Result Prediction

Predict the passing probability of the qualification exam

Simply providing the historical mock exam data of the student, ExamMaster can predict the passing probability of the qualification exam. This feature offers quick assessment in the application of school entrance exams or any professional qualification tests.

Performance Predictive Analytics

Provide objective analysis to know how you perform compared to other students

AI is proven with outstanding performance in uncovering relations between data. Our data-driven approach provides quantitive insight for students to know how they perform and what to focus to achieve their goals.

Target List Recommendation

Set your target schools strategically and never miss your potential candidates

With Ingenta educational graph AI technology, ExamMaster uncovers the insight among nationwide exam data and provide the optimal options for you. Plan well and discover your potential target candidates.

Personalized Improvement Plan

Know your strength and weakness; provide efficient improvement plans

ExamMaster discovers which subjects needed to be improved and customizes improvement plans for specific goals you set, helping you get qualified efficiently.

In Japan, students take qualification examinations held each year to determine college or high school admissions. Educational institutions offer practice/mock examination services for students and provide assessment to help them make proper decisions. However, there is increasing demand of educational technologies for both educators and learners to be assisted by insightful learning applications, particularly in this new era of pandemics.

Ingenta is dedicated to provide integrated services for better online to offline learning experiences. By integrating AI technology in educational applications, learners can get insightful information from their personal learning data and educators can easily access learners' comprehensive assessments to help improve their learning journey and uncover their potential, which reduces dramatically human analysis efforts and enables efficient personalized assistance.