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Curation Inc. and Ingenta Host Online Seminar on Strategic Utilization of Generative AI in Large Corporations

[Shibuya-ku, Tokyo - August 24, 2023]

Curation Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is partnering with Ingenta Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) to host an insightful online seminar titled "Purpose-driven thinking approach: The Strategic Application of Generative AI in Large Corporations" The seminar will delve into the potential applications of generative AI and address common challenges faced by large companies when implementing AI in their services or operations.

During this webinar, industry experts will explore approaches for strategically leveraging AI, with a focus on generative AI. Ms. Mayumi Suzuki, Solution Manager at Ingenta Inc. and former Marketing Specialist at Rohto Pharmaceutical, will serve as the guest speaker, drawing upon her extensive experience to provide insights into successful AI adoption from a large corporate perspective. Topics such as clarifying the purpose of AI and identifying effective application  methods were discussed, offering valuable information to executives and management teams of large corporations considering AI adoption. The seminar was moderated by Mr. Ryosuke Nomura, CXO of Curation Inc., ensuring a dynamic and informative discussion.


About Guest Speaker

Ms. Mayumi Suzuki serves as Solution Manager at Ingenta Inc., with extensive experience exceling at consulting for corporate challenges across industries and providing tailored AI solutions to clients. With over 15 years at Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., managing fan sites and E-commerce ecosystems, she gained a deep understanding on data's intrinsic value. 


About Curation Inc.

Curation Inc. is a Business Transformation Company specializing in “collaborative studio” style solutions. Committed to customer and problem-centric approaches, we handle business planning, development, and revenue generation. Our methodology involves curating professional talent, leveraging the latest information, technologies, and startups to form tailored teams for each client. 


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