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Creating New Market Values – The Future Vision of Collaboration Between Ingenta Inc. and Keisoku Research Consultant Co.

[Hiromalab, Hiroshima - March 11, 2024]   

Ingenta Inc. is proud to announce our participation in the "Chugoku Regional Open Innovation Challenge 2023," hosted by the Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, and our new partnership with Keisoku Research Consultant Co.  

This collaboration aims to leverage the expertise and resources of both companies to generate groundbreaking innovations. The use of cutting-edge AI, a critical component in modern business, will be at the forefront of our efforts. Together, we plan to develop effective AI-driven solutions that address real-world challenges.    


Our AI technologies, including Graph AI, are particularly well-suited to enhance Keisoku Research Consultant’ strengths in construction, infrastructure, environment, and disaster prevention. Beyond crack detection, these technologies allow us to develop solutions across various domains. Furthermore, by utilizing Ingenta’s advanced AI image processing technology, we can provide solutions that achieve AI integration and embrace digital transformation (DX).         

This collaboration is expected to integrate Keisoku Research Consultant Co. domain knowledge with our AI capabilities to deliver more efficient and sustainable solutions. More than a business partnership, this endeavor represents a mutual growth opportunity, potentially introducing new values to the market. We are committed to continuing our collaborative efforts to drive innovation and contribute to industrial development.     


About the Chugoku Regional Open Innovation Challenge 2023:    

This open innovation program, orchestrated by the Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, aims to foster collaboration between manufacturing SMEs in the Chugoku region and partners nationwide, including startups. The program facilitates the merging of local companies' technology, resources, and assets with the innovative ideas and services of partners, thus seeding new business ventures and services.   

About Keisoku Research Consultant:

Specializing in "Information Construction" in building projects, Keisoku Research Consultant Co. utilizes the latest sensor technology, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and digital data processing to meet customer needs. Leveraging their accumulated expertise, they conduct a wide range of activities not only in construction but also in environmental measurement, disaster prevention and recovery, preservation and utilization of cultural properties, and support for public relations and promotions. 

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