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Envision Market Potential

Accelerate Business Growth

Ingenta helps companies to envision the opportunities of tomorrow by creating a new AI paradigm based on connectivities between data - a context-driven vision of the world that uncovers potential value for businesses, society, and humanity.

Need AI to benefit your business?

Why does AI implementation for business have to be DIFFICULT and TIME-CONSUMING? With our framework, utilizing AI has never been easier.

No AI expertise required
Single-day to months with minimum cost
Highly integrated with existing systems

I want to forecast the

How to personalize our client services?

How can I implement AI
for our business?

I want to be notified of
unusual activities in our accounts...

Our inventory is too high ....


Context-Driven Graph AI Technology

Graph AI is based on native processing of data with relational structures between discrete objects, in other words, graphs and networks, that utilizes the latest advances in deep learning and representation learning approaches to analyzed semi-structured data and produce structured knowledge.


As we enter an age of explosive data, we are also becoming increasingly connected. We are no longer alone, given context by all the data around us. At Ingenta, we use graph to represent these connections and utilize the latest graph AI approaches to transforms data to information and to knowledge in fields such as e-learning, drug discovery, information retrieval and recommendations, cybersecurity, and supply chains. We aim toward a data driven world that can help people to further create value for humanity and reshape the society to a better place.


Massive Data


Our Advantages

Less Data; Cost Saving

Graph-structured data relationships improve sample efficiency and reduce the need for human labeling.

Explainable AI (XAI)

No longer a black box, Al's decision logic made clear for human understanding.

Interactive Graph

Features: Graph Query, Graph Visualization, Pathfinding, Community Detection, Graph Deep Learning.

Al Generalizability

Graph Al provides higher generalizability compared to conventional Deep Learning model, while maintaining high accuracy.

Realtime Prediction

Realtime understanding of how events

impact their networked environment.

Highly Integrated

Highly integrated AI architecture: NLP, Graph AI, Deep Learning, and other ML models to fulfill various kinds of business demands.



Ingenta AI Applications

Education Tech


Graph AI



Regenerative Medicine

DNA analysis


Demand prediction

Logistics Tech

Resource optimization

Factory / Surveillance

Visual inspection

Traditional AI

JV with a Pharmaceutical Corp. A

  • Personalized shampoo prescribed by Ingenta proprietary AI

  • Official launch: June, 2020

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Your Most Reliable Partner

Ingenta core technology is developed upon in-depth understanding of Data Science, Machine Learning algorithm, and Domain Knowledge. Our professional AI team are excelled at solving the clients’ issue and creating value based on following aspects.  

Data Model Integration

Transform and integrate multi-modal data to reveal the hidden knowledge. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI models and algorithms to provide customized solutions that are robust and scalable to support future growth and upgrades.

AI Automation / Strategy Establishment

Laying out a strategy for the best utilization of customer data. Building a feedback loop pipeline that starts from data collection to business insights uncovered by AI, to validate and further improve the process.

Uncover business insights

Generate additional insights from AI tasks that can benefit the entire organization

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About Us

Bridging Hope to Possible

Ingenta, a pioneering AI technology company, is dedicated to provide value-added proprietary AI solutions that can be seamlessly implemented on our clients’ existing products / services and realize the full potential of next generation industrial landscape.


Rooted in extensive research, engineering experiences from Silicon Valley and practical experiences in various industries, Ingenta is founded by a diverse group of professionals with over +10 years extensive industrial and academic experiences from Silicon Valley and APAC region.

Our Team



Founder & CEO

Instilled with Silicon Valley entrepreneurial spirits, Dennis is a passionate serial entrepreneur and a customer-centered product builder in high-tech (IC design, AI) industries with extensive international experiences in U.S. and the APAC region. Dennis earned his MS in Engineering from Stanford University.



CAIO & Co-Founder

AI researcher with 18 years of experience developing novel algorithms in the fields of communications, bio and medical informatics, and a wide range of real-world business applications. KC holds PhD from Columbia University, MS from the University of Pennsylvania, MEng from Cornell University, and BS from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to the startup venture, he served in several research and faculty positions in world-renowned organizations including Mayo Clinic, the University of Tokyo, and Keio University School of Medicine.



Sr. Business Advisor

Mr. Ogura served in several executive positions in Mitsubishi Corporation and had extensive cross-border business experiences for over 40 years in the Middle East, Taiwan, and Japan. He is an experienced business leader and is helping Ingenta to strategically expand business in Japan.


#813, SENQ Roppongi 8F,

7-15-7 Roppongi,

Tokyo 106-0032, JAPAN

Silicon Valley

17243 Verdes Robles, Los Gatos,

CA 95030, USA


No. 7, Aly. 26, Ln. 300, Sec. 4,

Ren'ai Rd., Da'an Dist.,

Taipei 106, TAIWAN

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