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Ingenta helps companies to envision the opportunities of tomorrow by creating a new AI paradigm based on connectivities between data - a context-driven vision of the world that uncovers potential value for businesses, society, and humanity.

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Context-Driven Graph AI Technology

Graph AI is based on native processing of data with relational structures between discrete objects, in other words, graphs and networks, that utilizes the latest advances in deep learning and representation learning approaches to analyzed semi-structured data and produce structured knowledge.


As we enter an age of explosive data, we are also becoming increasingly connected. We are no longer alone, given context by all the data around us. At Ingenta, we use graph to represent these connections and utilize the latest graph AI approaches to transforms data to information and to knowledge in fields such as e-learning, drug discovery, information retrieval and recommendations, cybersecurity, and supply chains. We aim toward a data driven world that can help people to further create value for humanity and reshape the society to a better place.


Massive Data