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Ingenta Wins Prestigious 2022 iF Design Award for AI-powered EdTech Service

[Hanover, Germany - April 19, 2022]

Ingenta Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) proudly announces that its AI-powered EdTech service, Dr. Euler, has been honored with the prestigious iF Design Award in the Service Design category. This recognition underscores Ingenta's commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of educational technology.

Dr. Euler embodies the vision of modern education, blending face-to-face instruction with web-based online learning to meet the demands of hybrid learning models. By leveraging AI technology, Dr. Euler provides insightful learning applications tailored to individual users' needs, enhancing their learning experiences.

Ingenta Design Team is led by our Chief Product Officer, Jerry Yu, and Product Design Manager, Po-Yi Chiang based in Taipei, Taiwan. The team is dedicated to its mission of crafting human-centric design solutions that facilitate the seamless utilization of technology, thereby enhancing the delight and satisfaction of end users.

"This award underscores Ingenta's commitment to delivering integrated, high-quality EdTech solutions," said Jerry Yu, Chief Product Officer at Ingenta. "Dr. Euler's success showcases our ability to combine advanced AI technology with superior UI/UX design to create exceptional products that exceed client expectations."

The iF Design Award recognizes Ingenta's leading position in the development of AI-powered EdTech solutions and its dedication to providing students with the tools to succeed in today's dynamics learning environment.


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